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Keystone Bank Live on Temenos Transact R19

Keystone Bank went live on Temenos Transact R19
STRAJ and its partner provided Quality Assurance (QA) service for the bank's upgrade of its Core banking system.

Ensuring a successful upgrade of the Core Banking System from T24R14 to T24R19 and that pain points and Audit issues are appropriately addressed, the capacity of the staff was also strengthened through training in Treasury, Securities, and Trade as a post live phase

KCB Bank Tanzania T24 Implementation Goes Live.

In response to regulatory requirement for in-country data hosting, KCBT in February 2021 successfully deployed their T24 system on a separate local infrastructure. As implementing partner, STRAJ successfully delivered the project, providing support and training in-country project team to better manage the system. 

This implementation included the successful deployment of digital channels and borderless banking integration to facilitate seamless transactions across all KCB bank units in East Africa while maintaining the quality of service at the local subsidiary.

Stanbic Bank Kenya Implements Online Sniffer (RC)

To better manage the bank’s loans and deposits portfolio, Stanbic Bank Kenya went Live on Recycler Module (Online Sniffer) on its T24 Transact - a pioneer RC module implementation involving migration of existing AA contracts while retaining all historical data. This approach offers the opportunity for extended features i.e. embedded charges, Auto disbursement, Multiple repayment Accounts; amongst other features.
In addition, MM contracts were migrated to AA providing for Early Redemption with Interest forfeiting, automated electronic notification.

STRAJ provided the implementation and technical support for these projects.

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